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Hello! My name is Samantha. Along with being a full time mummy to my amazing boys, twins Monty and Zach and my youngest Otto, I am also The Vintage Letter Lady.


I have a love of all things old and vintage. I love the fact that all things have a history to them, a story, a different life to how we use them now. Because of this love The Vintage Letter Lady was born!

I up-cycle vintage board games Scrabble, Monopoly, Cludeo & Subbuteo into boxed frames to bring back fond childhood memories, without the arguments!


My main love is Scrabble, the possibilities are endless. I use original scrabble board games to spell out fun words or phrases aswell as the popular made to order frames with loved ones names. I even use them for brooches, rings, keyring & cufflinks.


My latest items are vintage letter playing cards which create simple place names or words into frames. A real piece of history as these cards are from the 1920's!

Right, I must dash off to find some more exciting vintage letters and items to up-cycle!


P.S. Yes I am a horder and am totally in denial about it! 



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