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Original Cluedo board in a simple box frame is the perfect gift for your home, a wedding, birthday, anniversary, christmas or just because!


The frame is made with original Cluedo boards which are incomplete and no longer able to carry on with their old life so are now being created in to a new piece of art. They come complete with a character, counter and a weapon! A great gift to bring back those fond childhood memories and for all those who love the popular family board game.


Availble in either black or white box frame sized 25 x 25cm or in the larger size of 50x50cm.

Each frame has one of the below characters, a counter and weapon. Pleasen note the weapons will vary from frame to frame. If you would like to purchase one then please let me know your preference from the list below - 


      - Miss.Scarlett in the conservatory

      - Prof.Plum in the kitchen

      - Colonel.Mustard in the hall

      - Mrs.White in the ballroom

      - Rev.Green in the study

      - Mrs.Peacock in the dining room   


As the Cluedo  boards, card and items are all original there maybe a slight colour or wear and tear between each piece as all are unique and come from incomplete vintage games.


Please also note that the photos are an example of what you will receive as there maybe be a variation in the layout of the character counter, weapon and the card as all are made to order.

Up-Cycled Vintage Cluedo Board Game

hall, mustard, rope.JPG
revolva, study, plum.jpg
LARGE 50x50 Cluedo frame.jpg
mustard, candlestick, lounge.jpg
scarlotte conservatory.jpg
plum, billard room.JPG
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